FAQ – fitbit

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Q: Why do i need a fitbit device?

A: If you love exercise and workout, fitbit device is good for you because it can help you to keep track on most of your activities.

Q: Which fitbit device is good for me?faq-fitbit

A: If you are looking for a cheaper fitbit and basic device we are strongly recomend you on fitbit charge or charge HR. It is small and easy to use and most of your activities are able to track.

Q: Do you have other colors other than those stated in your website?

A: Yes, available on request.

Q: Do you have other tracking device other than fitbit?

A: No. Currently we are only selling fitbit device. If you are looking for other tracking device, feel free to email us in our contact page.

Q: How do i make payment and device order?

A: For payment and order, please refer to the the term.

Q: How long it takes for the device to reach to me?

A: You will get your device within 3 weeks or later (depends on stock availability) upon receipt of 50% deposit

Please note that fitbit device is available for pre-order basis only which will take about 3 weeks or more.

A 50% deposit needed for pre-order device and there is no cancellation to be made after pre-order process.

Q: How long will it take for the pre-order device?

A: All pre-order device will take about 3 weeks. Customer will be notified if the device require a longer period/ time via text message or email.

For courier procedure, customer will receive the courier number notification from us after we send it through to the courier services company. This is to let our customer know and prepare to get their device on the next day.

Q: How to use the fitbit device?

A: It is simple. All you need is to activate the fitbit device and download the application to your phone and computer. Manual is provided in the box.

Q: Is the fitbit device capable with Blackberry phone?

A: No. Fitbit device currently are only capable on Android, iOS and Windows Phone only. We believe there are more device will be include in the future.

Q: What if the fitbit device i bought is not working once i unboxed it?

A: Any defects, consumer can return the device to us. We are strongly advise that it is good if you can unboxed it during the meet up.

Customer will be need to bear the shipping fees of RM 40.00 to return the unit to the company

Q: Is there a warranty given after i purchase my fitbit device?

A: Yes. There will one year warranty for the fitbit device after purchased.

Q: How long it take for replacement issue?

A: 3 weeks or more. It is up to the problem face by the device. Consumer will be contact by email, text and call.

Q: Do you have a sample for me to see it before i make my purchase?

A: No. The fitbit device is all new and is inside the box. Once the device is taken out from the box, it consider sold.

Q: After purchase has been made, do i get any receipt from Gadget 4 Sale?

A: Yes. Only upon request.

Q: Is there other accessories can i buy for my fitbit device?

A: Yes. If you need accessories for your fitbit device you can contact us. Please note that accessories will have additional charges.

Q: I followed all the instruction given from the website on how to sync my fitbit device. Unfortunately i still having difficulty to syncing my tracker to my dashboard.

A: Please make sure all your settings are set probably especially with:

  • Bluetooth is on
  • Fitbit connect software installed
  • Wireless sync dongle is inserted into a USB port and recognized by the computer
  • Computer is powered on and connected to the internet

Note: If you are still facing the problem on syncing your fitbit device, please contact us or go through the fitbit help page

Q: I have contacted Gadget 4 Sale lately but i do not get any reply from the team?

A: Please make sure that you do contact us through our website and the email and number is correct. Email sent to gadget4sale@aol.com is no longer in use (as of April 11, 2014). Gadget 4 Sale email and text reply will not take more than 1 day