Kindle for Kids Bundle

The Kindle for kids bundle announced  on late September 2016 and it will be released on on the same month. The Kindle for Kids bundle includes a 6-inch Kindle (6.3 x 4.5 x 0.36 inches and weighs 5.7 ounces), two-year worry-free guarantee and a cover to keep the e-reader safe from scratches and occasional drops. The Kindle offered in the bundle does not come with a back light. The e-reader in the Kindle for Kids bundle comes with 4 GB of on-board storage, which is sufficient to store thousands of e-books. Kindle offers more than 250,000 children’s book titles. Children will also have the option to borrow e-books from their public library. The battery of the Kindle also lasts up to four weeks. Customers can fully charge their 6-inch Kindle within 4 hours via a USB cable connected to a computer and is available in black, blue, green, pink and purple color options as part of the Kindle for Kids bundle.

How To Order

More reading, no distractions

Unlike tablets, Kindle is designed just for reading, which means kids can lose themselves in a good book rather than get distracted by videos or games.

Tackle more challenging books

For kids reading their first chapter books, Word Wise, available on many popular English language titles, makes it easier to enjoy and quickly understand more challenging books. Short and simple definitions automatically appear above difficult words, so they can keep reading with fewer interruptions. Tap on a word to bring up a simple card with definitions, synonyms, and more.

Latest generation Kindle

The latest Kindle without sponsored screensavers has a touchscreen display and reads like paper—no annoying glare, even in bright sunlight. Learn more

Designed with kids in mind

Kids can read books in a simple, fun, and safe environment designed specifically for them with Kindle FreeTime. Younger kids can search before they know how to type by using Characters—for example, tap on images for “Princesses,” “Dinosaurs,” or “Cars.”

Choose age-approved content

Parents can choose specific books for children in Kindle FreeTime from their existing Kindle library or by purchasing new e-books from the Kindle Store. Selections can be updated at any time and books shared in Kindle FreeTime will be available in the child’s profile on Kindle.

Other Features

  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Built-In Dictionary
  • Family-friendly cover
  • Share books with the whole family
  • PTA Family Reading Experience, Powered by Kindle
  • Kindle offers more than 250,000 children’s titles, plus easily borrow e-books from your public library
  • Specifications
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