Kindle Voyage

The Kindle Voyage will be released on October 21, 2014 has a 6-inch, 300 PPI display (the highest resolution available in e-Readers) with adaptive LEDs to illuminate the screen depending on the environment and has 4GB of storage (3GB usable). The Kindle Voyage is also available in  both version which is with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G. It features a new design of flush glass screen and rear power button, similar to the Kindle Fire HDX. The Voyage uses a new method of turning pages, called ‘PagePress’. There are sensors on either side of the screen and if pressed it turns the page

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Brilliantly crisp display

New—The high-resolution display (300 ppi) features sharp, dark text that reads even more like the printed page. The micro-etched glass screen is crafted to eliminate glare and feel like paper to the touch.

Effortless page turns

New—PagePress allows you to turn the page without lifting a finger. Simply apply pressure on the bezel to turn the page, and PagePress will provide a silent haptic response for consistent and immediate feedback.

Light that adjusts with you

New—Kindle Voyage can be read in bright sunlight or total darkness—and it’s smart enough to know the difference. With a new adaptive front light, Kindle Voyage senses the light in your environment, and changes the setting to the ideal brightness.

Remarkably thin design

Improved—At just 7.6mm thin, Voyage is our thinnest Kindle ever. Comfortably hold Kindle Voyage in one hand for long reading sessions.

Adaptive front light

In order to more closely resemble reading on real paper, we researched and hand-tuned the optimal brightness setting for every lighting condition. The new adaptive front light automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on your environment, and can even be fine-tuned further to your personal preferences. When reading in the dark, the adaptive front light slowly lowers the display’s brightness over time to match the way the eye responds to darkness.

Other Features

  • An unparalleled 300 ppi display
  • Sleek yet durable designs
  • PagePress sensors with haptics
  • Take and share notes
  • Sharp, dark text
  • Specifications
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