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Kindle supports audiobooks from You can register your Kindle device with Audible download manager and download books to it. Once downloaded, books will show up in your home screen along with regular books. You can play, pause and navigate chapters just like with any other mp3 player

Listening to Audio Books on Kindle 1st Generation

  • Kindle 1st Generation supports thousands of audiobooks through
  • You can purchase and download one or more of these books through your computer using AudibleManager® software supplied by Audible
  • You can then transfer these books to your Kindle 1st Generation using the USB connection and listen to them

Purchasing Compatible Audiobook Formats

  • Audible offers four versions of its audiobook format
  • Kindle 1st Generation is compatible with formats 2, 3, and 4
  • Format 1 and audiobooks provided from other sources are not supported
  • To purchase compatible audio books, visit

Downloading and Transferring Audiobooks

  1. Visit on the Web site
  2. If you are not already an Audible customer, follow the prompts to create your Audible account
  3. Download and install the latest AudibleManager software on your PC
  4. Connect your Kindle 1st Generation to your PC using the USB connection
  5. Launch AudibleManager on your PC
  6. Activate your Kindle using the “Activate . . .” command under Devices in AudibleManager. This will authorize your Kindle 1st Generation to play the audiobooks you purchase at
  7. Use AudibleManager to transfer your audiobook to your Kindle

Listening to Audiobooks

  1. Select the title from your Home screen using the select wheel
  2. On the detail page, choose the desired audio control button using the select wheel

The Location bar at the bottom of the screen will indicate your location in the audio book. Here’s a list of the available audio controls that will help you navigate through your audiobook:

  • Beginning: Takes you back to the beginning of the audiobook
  • Previous Section: Begins playback from the previous section/chapter
  • Back 30 sec.: Begins playback 30 seconds back from your current location
  • Play/Pause: Plays or Pauses the audio playback (A Stop option is not available)
  • Forward 30 sec.: Begins playback 30 seconds forward from your current location
  • Next Section: Begins playback from the next section/chapter

Adjusting the Volume and Using Headphones

Kindle 1st Generation comes with built-in volume controls and a headphone jack on the bottom of the unit. Pressing the plus and minus volume buttons will allow you to increase and decrease the volume of audiobooks and background music.

If you wish, you can use headphones for private listening. When headphones are connected to Kindle, the external speaker is disabled. You can also attach external speakers via the headphone jack if desired.

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Every Nook devices support with audiobook except for Nook Simple Touch.

Getting Audiobook for Nook

After you complete your B& purchase, Barnes & Noble will send you two emails, usually within 5 minutes or less of placing your order. The second email will have a link to download your Audiobook MP3. In order to play the MP3, you’ll also need to download the Media Console. This free program allows you to download Audiobook MP3s, listen to them, and transfer them to other devices, including burning to a CD if you wish. The console also serves as your audiobook library

Download Media Console for Windows

Download Media Console for Mac

Playing RealAudio Song or Audiobook Samples

To play RealAudio song or audiobook samples, a RealAudio player must be installed on your computer. You can download the basic version of the player free of charge from Real Network’s web site or pay to download a version with the newest RealAudio features. After you download the Real Audio Player, you must install it on your computer

Download the free basic RealAudio Player called RealOne now!

Transfer photos, music, and other personal files onto my NOOK

  1. Using the custom microUSB cable provided with your NOOK, connect your NOOK to your computer
  2. When you connect your NOOK to your personal computer, your NOOK will appear as a new removable drive on your personal computer. Drag the files you want to transfer onto this drive
  3. To organize the files, open the NOOK drive. You’ll see several folders on your NOOK. Move your personal files in the My Files folder
  4. You should place Microsoft Office files, .txt files, and PDFs in the Documents folders
  5. You should place your music, such as MP3 files, in the Music folder
  6. You should place your pictures, such as .jpg and .png files, in the Pictures folder
  7. When you have finished arranging files, eject the NOOK drive from your personal computer. Disconnect the NOOK microUSB cable

Note: Use only the microUSB cable provided with your NOOK. Using any other cable might damage your NOOK

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